Adelaide is a small but exciting enclave with a bit of everything. From superior food and wine, to festivals and sporting events, to its famous coastline and hills, Adelaide offers all the attractions of modern urban living on nature’s doorstep.

Adelaide is not only the gateway to one of Australia’s best wine regions, the city itself is home to Australia’s official best restaurant, hotel, wine and gin. A casual but cultured city with a beloved small-bar scene, world-class music and an inclusive business environment, it is consistently awarded for its quality of life.

Adelaide’s progressive self image has seeded since the days of its free colonisation. The first settlers were free, not convicts, leading to diversity and wealth not experienced in other parts of Australia. It grew steadily and was the third largest city until the post-war era where growth started to decline. Experiencing a cultural revival in the 1970s, it became a centre for the arts and hosted the Formula1 Grand Prix for a decade before this moved to Melbourne. Today it promotes a calendar of renowned cultural and music events.

Known as South Australia’s big smoke, it ironically boasts exemplary sustainable living initiatives and many green spaces. The suburbs have evolved around well-planned streets and squares, and the clearly defined heritage areas, contemporary lifestyle developments and gridded downtown business district all have their own unique appeal. The biggest sectors are healthcare and social assistance followed by retail trade and strong defence and manufacturing.

Adelaide’s climate is Mediterranean, with warm-to-hot summers and cool-to-mild winters. Reliable rainfall and wind chill in winter make the temperatures seem colder than they are, providing a period of reprieve from the warmer months.

Adelaide is growing at a much slower rate than Australia’s other major state capitals, which offers stability in property prices. With a population a little over 1.3 million, more people are needed to support the economy and boost house prices in a highly affordable market.